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Gold: DataTrue


DataTrue enables enterprises and their agencies to audit, validate and automatically monitor website tags, email landing pages, data layers and data collected.

With DataTrue you can:

  • Audit tags, data collected, page errors and load times
  • Scan your site to audit the presence of tags, vendors and accounts.
  • Audit and validate data collected from your sites, get quick access to critical data to resolve errors.
  • Drill down to get detailed information — including loading times, tag validations, tag data payloads, and errors written to test browser consoles.
  • Prevent data leakage by regularly monitoring tags, vendors and accounts across your site.

Automatically monitor tag key user journeys

  • Prevent data leakage by regularly monitoring tags, vendors and accounts across your site.
  • Proactively monitor critical functionality such as registration, add to cart, and checkout — are working correctly.

Build smart tests, fast

  • Use our Test Builder chrome extension to create test interactions with sites, and configure them using our library of tag templates or by adding custom tags.
  • Configure and manage tests via API, manage tests via Google Sheets.
  • DataTrue works across complex AJAX interactions, iframe content, and top-level domains.

Test before you deploy

  • Test new tag configurations and other changes before and after they go live, to protect against loss of data.
  • Easily test staging tag containers against a production suite of tests, or run a production suite of tests against a staging site to find errors before each release.
  • Use our API to validate data as part of a software release process by triggering DataTrue tests from a continuous integration tool such as Jenkins, TeamCity, Travis CI, or Codeship.

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Contact: Michelle McGrath



Follow: @data_true

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