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Gold: Tealium

Integrate and Activate Your Data


The Tealium Universal Data Hub is a single approach to connecting customer data across teams, tools and touchpoints in real time– enabling organizations to manage their entire data supply chain from collection to enrichment and unification to activation.

The Universal Data Hub comprises:

  • Tealium iQ Tag Management is the foundation of the Universal Data Hub and enables organizations to collect, control and manage their customer data and MarTech vendors across web, mobile, IoT, and connected devices.
  • AudienceStream is the market-leading Customer Data Platform, combining robust audience management and data enrichment capabilities resulting in unified customer profiles and the ability to take immediate, relevant action.
  • DataAccess is the most flexible way to access and own your data in real-time– offering the richest source of clean and correlated omnichannel, event and audience data collected across web and mobile touch points.

Want to see Tealium in action? Take a self-guided tour.

Interested in learning more about GDPR and how to balance customer experience with increasing data privacy and security responsibilities?  Read the Tealium report.

Contact information:
Tealium has offices worldwide.
Phone numbers and addresses are listed on the Tealium web site at



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