Saturday 28 Sep, 2019

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Silver – PerimeterX

PerimeterX protects the world’s largest and most reputable websites from malicious activities, future-proofing your digital business from automated bot attacks. PerimeterX Bot Defender Analytics is solution that is  scalable, out-of-band offering that easily integrates with Adobe Analytics and Google Analytics.

How We Help Customers

With PerimeterX Bot Defender Analytics, data is cleaned to easily filter fake traffic generated by bots by eliminating what appears to be real human traffic but is actually generated by bots that have human characteristics. The result is a high-quality dataset that can be used to build clean audiences, enhance retargeting, and maximize the return on marketing investments by eliminating poor marketing channels, providing marketers and business intelligence analysts the best data set available.

Build a clean audience

  • Reduce spend by targeting audience segments that can convert

Maximize marketing investment

  • Enable peace-of-mind that marketing dollars are allocated to effective campaigns
  • Prevent referral fraud
  • Reveal true conversion rates and numbers

Enhance retargeting

  • Only retarget visitors that are guaranteed to be human

Filter out bad marketing channels

  • Identify top sources of click fraud and fake traffic that comes from contaminated advertising networks and marketing programs

Bot traffic undermines your data integrity, skews your analytics and hurts your business.

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